Super 11 is a Super Success!!

Super 11 is a Super Success!!

Super 11

Fears that the bad economy was going to reduce the amount of participants at this year’s event were quickly laid to rest with fantastic weather and low gas prices. Attendance records were broken at this 11th annual Superstition Mountain event.

Before guests arrived, the San Diego 4 Wheelers were hard at work setting up the site. Registration, raffle and t-shirt kiosks were erected, the safety area was coned off and run boards and the raffle trailer were set up. By 3:00 pm we were ready to go … and we did.

Guests arrived all afternoon and evening. By 10:00 pm on Friday, we had 190+ registered guests and were sold out of all dinner tickets we had available.

Saturday morning all the trail leaders were lined up waiting for everyone to show up for their run. Runs started leaving at 8:00 am and continued until 9:00 am. Runs ranged from a mild cruise around the mountain to more difficult trails that tested suspension and drive train suitability. The recovery crew didn’t have too much idle time on the mountain, as they were called upon on more than one occasion help get rigs back on their feet… or should I say, tires. Overall the trails ran smoothly and everyone had a great time.

Around 5:00 pm, those of us who were lucky enough to get a dinner ticket were treated to the best meal this side of El Centro. Rita’s Cowboy Grill provided us a delectable menu of smoked tri-tips, bbq’d chicken and hot links. Long time friends of the SD4Wers, Eric & Steve, donated cherry and apple pies. For those of you that missed the dinner I highly recommend you pre-register early next year. I hear a rumor that Rita’s Cowboy Grill will be coming back for Superstition 12.

After dinner our club president, Richard Jackson, thanked all our vendor’s, club members and spoke about a few of the personal losses. Earlier in the year we lost club member and Border Patrol agent, Neil Hepburn, to a wrong way driver on Hwy 8. Later in the year, long time club member and avid advocate of off roading, Jim “Big Red” Cowling, passed away. This year’s event was dedicated to Jim’s memory and will miss both Jim and Neil tremendously.

After the speeches, the crowd was treated to the grand finale… the raffle, hosted by 101KGB FM’s very own Chris Boyer. Chris has supported our event for several years and we all appreciate his participation.

This year’s raffle was better than any one could expect. The vendors were extremely generous with their donations and we ended up with 8 Grand Prize drawings. We want to thank to BFG, ORW, TAG, PU Products, Friends of Neil Hepburn and the many others who made generous donations to our event.

As the chairperson for the 11th Annual event, I want to personally thank each and every club member that worked so tirelessly to make this year’s event the best ever. You guys rock!


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