Powder Puff Run 2010

Powder Puff Run 2010


We had a great turn out for this year’s powder puff run. Thirteen vehicles met across the street from the gas stations in Jacumba before venturing out onto the trail. The group consisted of 12 lady drivers and one guy who was brave enough to don a SD4W red gown for the event.

We took the group on the old Butterfield Stagecoach trail. This is an easy trail with spectacular views. Some would argue the trail was not easy, but that is because of a fear of heights more than any trail difficulty.


The weather was awesome and the flowers were in full bloom.


We stopped for lunch at the bottom of the hill next to Hwy 8. While there, a group of Samari’s had pulled off the highway in an attempt to cut into the trail from the freeway. However, as their luck would have it, the local CHP on patrol, swerved in and stopped them before they could touch dirt. After the Samari’s left, the CHP said to us “you aren’t planning on leaving the trail right here are you?” It was more of a statement than a question.


After lunch, we headed back up the hill and off the trail.


During the day there were some memorable quotes that I’d like to share:

Dorys, “I haven’t done this trail in over 8 years so who knows where we’ll end up.”
Sue, “The walnut is ready for take off.”
Lloyd in response to how Molly was doing, “Molly can’t speak while she is not breathing.”

And my favorite quote of the day from our one male driver:
“I thought all the men had to wear dresses.”


Thank you to RJ for his awesome photojournalism skills.

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