The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is now coordinating with California State Parks to prepare a joint General Plan/Recreation Area Management Plan/California Desert Conservation Area Land Use Plan Amendment (General Plan/RAMP/Plan Amendment) and EIR/EIS. The next step for the Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan is to prepare a Preliminary General Plan/RAMP/Plan Amendment. A joint Draft EIR/EIS will also be prepared to evaluate the potential environmental effects of the project and to meet the requirements of CEQA and NEPA. The Draft EIR/EIS will be released for public review upon completion. Once this review period ends, a revised version of the Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan and Final EIR/EIS will be prepared before being adopted and certified by the OHMVR Commission and approved by the BLM. The graphic below illustrates the complete process and timeline for the Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan.