IMPORTANT: Superstition Mountains OHV camping

IMPORTANT: Superstition Mountains OHV camping

For those who go to Superstition and camp near Huff Road.( The name changes to Imler at Wheeler Road or at the bend)

Superstition Mt is Navy property administered by the BLM. The Navy has the right to revoke usage at any time. PLEASE RESPECT THE BOUNDRY SIGNS!!!

Presidents Day Weekend at the Superstition Mountains

by Steve Chaney, San Diego Off-Road Coalition

On the 16th of February San Diego Off-Road Coalition received an e-mail from the Naval Air Facility El Centro Public Affairs Office. Over Presidents Day Weekend approximately 70 people were found to be camped inside of an active bombing range just east of the Superstition Mountains near Imler Road. This is a safety issue and will not be tolerated by the Navy. The Navy is currently replacing the old and missing warning signs in and around the bombing ranges. They are not expanding. They are just resigning the areas they have been using since before WWII. There are three ranges near the Superstition Mountains. To the south is a parachute drop zone, to the north west and to the north east are the two active bombing ranges. The target is a 6,000 ft diameter circle around an old tank. The ranges are used all year long, including weekends.

Our Naval Aviators are the best pilots in the world. They got that way through training and practice. The Navy uses a BDU-33 inert steel dummy bomb to simulate the trajectory of its larger scale bombs. The blue tear drop shaped BDU-33 weighs 25 pounds, is 22.9 inches long, is 4 inches in diameter, has a stabilizing fin and is equipped with a small explosive charge to emit smoke to help spotters detect just where the device impacted the ground in relation to its intended target.

In July of 2002 an Air Force F-117A inadvertently dropped 3 BDU-33s in Texas. One of the practice bombs went through a home’s roof, into the bathroom, and pierced the wall and closet of the adjacent bedroom. The practice bomb plowed through the house’s concrete foundation and into about four feet of sandy soil. Think what damage one could do to your camp trailer or motor home.

It is your responsibility to know if you are camping or riding in an approved and safe area. Educate yourself by contacting the local land management organization in the area you wish to visit. The BLM puts out a WECO Route of Travel map for the Imperial Valley that shows where the opened and closed areas are. Please be a safe and responsible off-roader. Remember, stupid hurts.

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