Corral Canyon Day trip 3/6/2010

Corral Canyon Day trip 3/6/2010

By Lloyd Savoie

Lloyd, Molly, Dorys, Gail, & Russ Met at Corral Canyon Sat 2-13-10. I did not lead but they made me drive in front.

We started Sidewinder at our normal exit, the upper campground. When we got to the bolder drop-off (a climb this time) a Toyota was broke down with a broken tie rod. They were waiting in hope of someone with an onboard welder to show up. I suggested they take another vehicle and go get the parts they needed but they chose to wait, we turned around.

Next we went to Bronco Peak from the top and headed towards the camp ground. When we got to the 3A turn off we stayed on 3 and took it to Gun Slinger to the main loop that goes around the Corral Canyon Area. We walked part of the new Loop which is at Gun Slinger (West End) and the Loop Road. Signs were posted at each end of the Loop stating (Help open this area sooner by staying out now). The only tracks are foot prints. I accessed that they don’t want us to go in and clear trail on our own someone with the right contacts could try to find out. We would need Sickles, Lopers, Rakes, Sawsall. could be used to clear the trail it is not a heavy bush area more tall grass. After this we aired up and drove to 4 Corners Staging Area. Some felt that we aired up too early (My Bad). It was FUN and I got to Trail with CHICKS IN JEEPS (Not you Russ).

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