Run Rating Descriptions

Rating the difficulty of trails is at best an inexact science. In addition, adverse weather conditions tend to increase the difficulty of any run. If a scratch or dent in your 4x4 would totally ruin your day, you might want to take up golf instead.

  • All guest vehicles must pass a safety inspection.
  • Member vehicles will be randomly inspected. Be ready.
  • All participants must sign an Event Waiver.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages on any run is illegal and prohibited.

Green Run:

    Suitable for stock vehicles and/or novice drivers. May have some challenges, most will have bypasses. Trail crew will be available to instruct and spot through rough areas. SD4W safety equipment recommended, but only roll bar/hardtop, seat belts, first aid kit, parking brake, and jack/spare tire are required. Body damage unlikely, except that caused by driver error. Some trails may be overgrown, resulting in paint scratches.

Red Run:

    Recommended for experienced drivers; at least one locking differential is highly recommended. All vehicles MUST pass SD4W safety inspection. Rough areas may not have bypasses. Some runs may require additional equipment. Occasional body damage is quite likely, drivetrain breakage is also possible.

Double Red Run:

    A few experienced hardcore off-roaders with highly modified vehicles desire runs that will push their vehicle and driving skills to the limit, and that is what these are. At least one locker is REQUIRED, (front & rear lockers, 33" tires and low gears strongly recommended) and all vehicles MUST pass SD4W safety inspection. Some body damage is almost guaranteed, and severe drivetrain failure (axles, driveshaft, etc.) is quite possible. Driver error on some obstacles may result in a rollover. Some runs may require additional equipment.

Black Run:

    Those lunatics up in Victor Valley, the Victor Valley 4 Wheelers, have built some trails - Sledgehammer, Jackhammer, Outer Limits, etc. - that are in a class by themselves. Double Red only begins to describe them. Front and rear lockers, 33" or larger tires, and extremely low gearing (60:1 crawl or better) are REQUIRED. A casual attitude regarding body damage and drivetrain breakage is also necessary. As usual, all vehicles MUST pass SD4W safety inspection.