Mountain Springs Stage Station Trail 3/27/11

We had 16 rigs total on this run. What a nice turn out. It was cold when we left
the gas stations but not real windy. The sun came out and what a clear view of
the deserts from up there. We made it to the station at about 10:30am so we
stopped and checked out the area and then headed on to a lunch spot out of the
wind. After lunch we split up into two groups. The one group didn't want to take
on an obstacle so they took an alternate route. We continued on to the obstacle
when one person in our group ripped out a valve stem on one of his tires after
hitting a rock. They worked on that tire while the rest of us made our way to
the obstacle. Well it wasn't all that hard because most of the folks made it
look easy even though it wasn't. We waited for the rigs that helped out with the
tire and watched as they came though the obstacle with no problem. Then at the
top we decided to head out to Table Mountain. There was some easy sections and
and some interesting senery. I found a way to make a loop back to the radio
towers where there is a nice hill climb. Again everyone made it up with out
problems. No winching today! We made it back to the gas station at about 2:30pm
aired up and said our good byes. Thank to all those who showed up today! Hope to
see you out on the trails soon!

Scott Wentworth

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