About Us

The San Diego 4 Wheelers is a family-oriented organization dedicated to to the promotion and participation in safe and responsible off-highway four wheel drive activities. Our mission is to support like-minded individuals in sharing the off-road experience in Southern California. We promote the responsible exploration, enjoyment, and protection of both public and private lands; educate and enlist others to protect and restore the quality of the natural habitat; and enjoy camaraderie in the experience of nature. We respect all laws and are committed to ensuring that public and private lands are available to off-roading enthusiasts and others for generations to come.

The club meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Automotive Museum in Balboa Park. A minimum of one run (usually more) per month is scheduled. Guests are always welcome at our meetings and runs. All vehicles must pass a safety inspection.

The Club schedules all types of runs:

  • Hardcore runs to challenge the most built up vehicle and experienced driver.
  • Scenic runs for stock vehicles and/or novice drivers.
  • Instruction and training in 4 wheeling techniques (novice drivers welcome).
  • Participation in all CA4WDC sanctioned events.
  • Open to most types of 4WD vehicles with a wheelbase of 104" or less.

We are a member of and work closely with the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC). CA4WDC is a non-profit organization comprised of member clubs, individuals, and business firms united in a common objective -- The betterment of vehicle oriented outdoor recreation. As a member, we abide by their regulations and safety requirements including vehicle and trail courtesy.

The Club is a proud sponsor of the following organizations:
o California Association of 4 Wheel Drives Clubs
o Tread Lightly
o San Diego Off Road Coalition
o Blue Ribbon Coalition
o United Four Wheel Drive Associations

You may contact our Board of Directors for more information about the club.