Superstition Mountain OHV

Superstition Mountain is located in Imperial County, north of the Plaster City OHV Open Area. This area presents an array of challenging OHV riding opportunities. Cross-country OHV use is permitted within the boundaries of this area. Limited use areas and military practice bombing targets are immediately adjacent to the open area. Please observe all posted signs and do not enter the bombing ranges.

The back side (north) of the mountain has developed 4x4 tails to suite every vehicle and driver experience. Most of the trail were developed over the past 14 years by the San Diego 4 Wheelers. The Black Cat trail was awarded BF Goodrich's Outstanding Trail Award in 2010 for the outstanding work the SD4W club provided in working with the local government agencies to promote responsible use, conservation and maintenance while maintaining fun for all.

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Jamie's Crack

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