Ocotillo Wells OHV to Prepare General Use Plan

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is now coordinating with California State Parks to prepare a joint General Plan/Recreation Area Management Plan/California Desert Conservation Area Land Use Plan Amendment (General Plan/RAMP/Plan Amendment) and EIR/EIS. The next step for the Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan is to prepare a Preliminary General Plan/RAMP/Plan Amendment. A joint Draft EIR/EIS will also be prepared to evaluate the potential environmental effects of the project and to meet the requirements of CEQA and NEPA. The Draft EIR/EIS will be released for public review upon completion. Once this review period ends, a revised version of the Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan and Final EIR/EIS will be prepared before being adopted and certified by the OHMVR Commission and approved by the BLM. The graphic below illustrates the complete process and timeline for the Ocotillo Wells SVRA Plan.

Read more at PlanOcotilloWells.org

SD4W Donates to Friends of the High Lakes

On June 21, 2010, Past President Dan Elkerton presented a $1,000.00 donation to the ‘Friends of the High Lakes’ from the San Diego 4 Wheelers.


Ken Knull accepted the donation with several members present. ‘Friends of the High Lakes’ is a grass-roots organization comprised of individuals, local businesses, recreational clubs, and user groups who love to enjoy the High Lakes OHV Area in the Lassen National Forest. This enthusiastic group, working in partnership with land management agencies, has balanced the need to protect the environment with responsible recreational opportunities. As a result, they have successfully re-opened every trail in the High Lakes area. Their success is an inspiration to us all.

IMPORTANT: Superstition Mountains OHV camping

For those who go to Superstition and camp near Huff Road.( The name changes to Imler at Wheeler Road or at the bend)

Superstition Mt is Navy property administered by the BLM. The Navy has the right to revoke usage at any time. PLEASE RESPECT THE BOUNDRY SIGNS!!!

Presidents Day Weekend at the Superstition Mountains

by Steve Chaney, San Diego Off-Road Coalition

On the 16th of February San Diego Off-Road Coalition received an e-mail from the Naval Air Facility El Centro Public Affairs Office. Over Presidents Day Weekend approximately 70 people were found to be camped inside of an active bombing range just east of the Superstition Mountains near Imler Road. This is a safety issue and will not be tolerated by the Navy. The Navy is currently replacing the old and missing warning signs in and around the bombing ranges. They are not expanding. They are just resigning the areas they have been using since before WWII. There are three ranges near the Superstition Mountains. To the south is a parachute drop zone, to the north west and to the north east are the two active bombing ranges. The target is a 6,000 ft diameter circle around an old tank. The ranges are used all year long, including weekends.

Our Naval Aviators are the best pilots in the world. They got that way through training and practice. The Navy uses a BDU-33 inert steel dummy bomb to simulate the trajectory of its larger scale bombs. The blue tear drop shaped BDU-33 weighs 25 pounds, is 22.9 inches long, is 4 inches in diameter, has a stabilizing fin and is equipped with a small explosive charge to emit smoke to help spotters detect just where the device impacted the ground in relation to its intended target.

In July of 2002 an Air Force F-117A inadvertently dropped 3 BDU-33s in Texas. One of the practice bombs went through a home’s roof, into the bathroom, and pierced the wall and closet of the adjacent bedroom. The practice bomb plowed through the house’s concrete foundation and into about four feet of sandy soil. Think what damage one could do to your camp trailer or motor home.

It is your responsibility to know if you are camping or riding in an approved and safe area. Educate yourself by contacting the local land management organization in the area you wish to visit. The BLM puts out a WECO Route of Travel map for the Imperial Valley that shows where the opened and closed areas are. Please be a safe and responsible off-roader. Remember, stupid hurts.

Update from the American Sand Association

Dear Fellow ASA Member (and friends):

The Union Pacific Railroad has indicated that they will close the Wash Road along the eastern border of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area to public travel on May 31, 2009.

While the road is on Union Pacific property, it has been used to gain access to popular camping areas for many decades. It is the ASA’s position that the publics’ use of Wash Road on Union Pacific property for more than 45 years establishes a public easement. We have informed UP that we are willing to take legal action as necessary.

Civil Code section 1009 prevents such easements after March 1972. However, if the ASA can document that the public enjoyed use of the road for at least five years before March 1972, where the landowner (Union Pacific) neither objected nor granted permission, we may be able to escape the restrictions of Civil Code section 1009.

Here is how you can help:

If you used Wash Road from at least March 1967 to March 1972, please
provide a narrative stating your family and friends’ personal use of
the Road. Download an affidavit form, put your narrative on the form, and have it notarized. (Auto Club will notarize for free as will some banks).

If available, include photos that demonstrate the use. Put contact
info on back. If available, include Newspaper or other sources of date certain information. Put contact info on back.

Include any other evidence you think may be appropriate.
Mail to:
Vince Brunasso
c/o American Sand Association
PO Box 1872
Canyon Country, CA 91386

The deadline for this is April 15th.

Contact Vince Brunasso with any questions.

As always, we thank you for your support.

The American Sand Association
Unite, Inform, and Mobilize

Cleveland National Forest Travel Management Environmental Assessment

Reposted from email received by Anne Carey, Recreation planner Cleveland National Forest.

The Cleveland Travel Management Environmental Assessment (EA) is posted on our website for 30 day review and comment period. The link is:

The EA consists of 3 chapters and maps for 3 alternatives.

Although the comment period closed on August 13, please familiarize yourself with all the proposed plans.

New Kiosk Dedication Ceremony @ Supsertition Mountain OHV


At a Dedication Ceremony held in the Superstition Mountain OHVA on October 25, 2008, the San Diego 4 Wheelers turned over a new Information Kiosk to the BLM. The four wheel drive Club replaced the aging BLM Kiosk with funds provided in a grant from BF Goodrich Tires.

Last May, BF Goodrich Tires honored Superstition by naming it as one of the “Outstanding Trails 2008” in recognition of the area and the conservation work done by the San Diego 4 Wheelers.


Club President Richard Jackson presented the Kiosk to Dallas Meeks of the BLM on behalf of the Club and BF Goodrich Tires.

Mr. Jackson said…

This Kiosk represents the years of dedication by the San Diego 4 Wheelers to preserving the Outstanding Trails in the Superstition Mountains.


BFG Awards Superstition Mountains “OutstandingTrail” in 2008

The San Diego 4 Wheelers are awarded Outstanding Trails for the Black Cat trail out at Supertstition Mtn OHV

In continuation of its Outstanding Trails program, BFGoodrich® Tires announced six new trails for 2008. Over the past two years, the Outstanding Trails program has recognized 11 off-road trails in 10 states and one in Canada. Launched in 2006, the Outstanding Trails program is dedicated to the responsible use, and preservation of, off-road trails while providing aid in the trails’ conservation efforts.

In 2007, the BLM required the San Diego 4 Wheelers to obtain an archeological study of the area and trails before they would give us the permit to hold our annual Superstition Mountains event. The San Diego 4 Wheelers would like to thank John Stewart and Richard Jackson for their countless hours of attending meetings and writing letters in order to obtain the funding necessary to conduct these studies. Funding was finally granted by the folks at Imperial County, who in their infinite wisdom, continue to see the value that the OHV recreationist adds to their community.

We also want to acknowledge the hard work of all the San Diego 4 Wheelers that assisted with mapping all trails and meeting with the BLM, state and county officials. Without all the hardwork and dedication, Superstition Mountains would not have been recognized as a…


Please read more about the BFG Outstanding Trails Program and their sponsors websites below.

And at Offroad.com